31st Jan to 2nd Feb 2020
Samparc Balgram & Hostel Grounds
Bhaje Vilage, Near Lonavala

Alongside our Jaipur Foot Camp, Ruchika Club also conducted the ENT camp, to check the hearing problems of the villagers.
The crowds that poured in were far greater than the Jaipur Foot.

Dr Prakash & Mrs Kanan Golecha manned this camp for the fourth year in succession for the club. Both husband wife have dedicated their life to serving humanity and only participate in charitable causes. They fly in from Jaipur and stay in Samparc’s guest room. They eat the humble meals and work untiringly for the 3-day duration of the camp. No one could guess that Dr Golecha is 75 years and his wife a little younger!

The good doctor, blew into his patient’s ears with his truck horn, peered in with the headlight on his head, and injected fluid to open the nasal and ear blockages.

He cleaned wads of stale wax lodged there along with cotton, paper and matchstick pieces, which the patient had used, to clean the ear-passage but unfortunately pieces had remained lodged inside.
Mrs Golecha, his life and work partner, had a table nearby, to give the patients the medication prescribed by the Doctor as well as the hearing aid machine if required.

The Golechas charge no fees. Only their ticket from Jaipur, medication and hearing aids distributed are paid by Ruchika. Ruchika Club pays in entirety for the treatment and aids given.

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