ENT CAMP (Ears, Nose & Throat)

“God gave us TWO EARS and ONE MOUTH,
so we can listen, twice as much as we speak.”


It was a God sent co-incidence that we connected with Dr Prakash & Mrs Kanan Golecha, ENT specialists who have devoted their lives to the service of humanity. They readily agree to be a part of our annual medical camps, however remote the area. The couple fly down from Jaipur and without fuss or favour, stay in the simple lodgings provided to them.

At 75 and 72 years, this couple belies their age. They are sprightly, active and have the glow of serenity that comes from the godliness within. It is wisely said “A Healthy outside, starts from a Wealthy inside”. He blows into ear-drums and passes a cord through the nose to clear congestion.

The good doctor is experienced to detect the genuine from the fakes, who want free hearing aids or medication. He asks general questions to his patients and keeps lowering his voice. If the person keeps responding, he says with a twinkle in his eye “See, I am not just a doctor, I am also a magician. This man can now hear clearly!’ For him it is customary, that every patient who comes to him, should go home cured.

His popularity is undisputed - with the hordes of villagers that flock the camp to get a hearing aid, medicines or just cleaning of the debris of stale wax deposits that block their ears and impair hearing. He scribbles the prescription on a paper, be it hearing aids, antibiotics or vitamin supplements. His wife takes charge, giving out the requirements.

With their hearing improved, they go home happy, thanking the good doctor and the several Ruchika Charity Committee, at the camp.


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ENT Camp