“Let no one leave without feeling better & happier
Let there be love and kindness in your Face and Eyes”


Dr Kulin Kothari, ophthalmologist, with over 30 years of practice has supported Ruchika Club in our annual charitable Eye Camp.
Places where very little or no medical facility is available in the interiors of Maharashtra, like Patan, Takve, Malvali, Vadgaon, Nangaon, Pimpri and Karla thronged to our campsite.

Dr Kothari sends his medical mobile van, manned by 4 technicians and all the necessary equipment. They scrutinize the villagers with cataract, detached retina and other eye ailments. The names and details of these villagers are noted. Patients for surgery were given dates and transported to Bombay with one family member, to take care and later take them home.

The club pays for the surgeries and the post-operative drops and medication required.

Eye testing charts for those who could not read or write are also available. Readymade numbered spectacles for far and near sight, were directly distributed to the patients. Required eye-drops were also given by Dr Kothari’s team. In the course of the three-day camp, at least 1000- 15000 patients come for getting their eyes and ears tested, sometimes both. Provision is made for their food and comfort.

The numbers that come to the camp are a barometer for its success and popularity. Credit goes to the Samparc team, who do extensive publicity in the nearby villages, so that we can reach out to those who really need help. The place is like a local fair with lots of chatter, bonding and happiness, at their improved vision, after visiting the doctors.


18-20th January 2019, Phoenix Towers Parking Lot, Lower Parel

Having sight but no clear vision, is worse than being blind.
A clear vision gives us a feeling of confidence and personal power.

The Club occupied 5 large kiosks in the Eye Camp held in liaison with Queen City Rotary. A total of 2152 patients were treated over 3 days. 52 patients were registered for cataract surgery in the following weeks.

Some interesting stories of patients who came to us in the course of the 3-day camp –
a. An aged lady came to our counter, hands folded in gratitude, her sight restored by the free spectacles she just received. Her son was a cobbler with no official license. Getting her reading glasses at no charge, was a boon for her.
She was reluctant to have her photo taken because she had not worn her false teeth! Goes to show how a woman’s vanity never ceases, whatever her age or circumstances.

b. The middle-aged man who came in his tricycle said he had got his wheels at our Jaipur Foot Camp. He earned his livelihood by putting up a weighing scale on Worli Sea Face. Since the footpath there was being restored, he was presently idle.

c. Three ladies black burkhas, beamed with happiness wearing their new spectacles. They could see so much better now! All of them were neighbors in the adjoining Worli slums, where they had read the promotional posters about this medical camp.

There were many such unfortunates who knocked on our door.

Many of them came back to thank us and share their backgrounds with us.

They happily took the bananas and biscuit packets laid out for them on our table, savouring the sweetness of the food and their improved vision.

‘We Rise by Lifting Others’ is the anthem at this camp and all the Ruchikas lived up to this.

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Eye Camp