‘A’ Wing
Food Trail
19th February 2019
@ BEST Restaurants in Town

On a cool February morning at 7.30 am, the morning walkers at Worli Sea Face were in a daze, to see 80 super excited ladies dressed in strange costumes. Some were ‘Pizza Delivery Boys’, or the revolutionary ‘Jago Beheno Jago’ brand, poetic ‘Kavvals’, ‘Kitty Kats’, Gully Boys, Churan Supariwallas, or Hawaiian dancers. It was a motley crowd in the matching attire of their theme.

Each member was given a beautiful, shady sunhat on arrival.

Registration and photo session over, 20 cars departed in a convoy.

The first stop was ‘Taj Tea House’ at Bandra Reclamation, where everyone had a refreshing cup of tea with tidbits. A Paper Game was played to shake the brains up. At ‘Madras Diaries’ in Bandra West, a south Indian Breakfast awaited them. Another paper game was played there.

The cars then headed to Joggers Park in Bandra. In the open greenery, the members had to perform according to their dress code. Charged up with tea and breakfast, the high energy performances were truly clap-worthy. A Mexican meal at ‘Sanchos’, Khar was next on the list. Housie was played to kill time, while they awaited their orders at the restaurant. Prizes were given to all the winners. No Food Trail is complete without the dessert. ‘Edwin’s’ at Khar was raided, with everyone slurping ice-creams, happiness glowing on all the faces It was an awesome meet, the taste and memory lingering on for days.

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‘B’ Wing
31st January 2019
LXR Chalets, Lonavala

Two bus-loads of ‘B’ wing members totalling 74 ladies, gathered at Worli Sea Face, to wend their way to LXR Chalets a rustic getaway, tucked away in the mountains of Khandala-Lonavala. En route, members were served samosas, makhanas and several other things to nibble.

Breakfast at the resort included watermelon & orange juice, South Indian fare along with hot corn and matar chat. Everyone needed churan to digest their food.

Several games were organized – musical chairs garland relay race, feeding the clown, balloon darts and hitting the pyramid. It was like going back to school again, and the members loved it, participating wholeheartedly.

Lunch had an assortment of vegetables and rotis, along with nachos, pizza and onion rings. Dessert was gulab jamuns and fresh strawberry mousse. Housie and balloon train was played later. Some ladies just lazed in the hammocks or chatted on the swings.

The goodbye meal before departure was bhel, sev puri and batata vadas along with tea and coffee.

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‘C’ Wing
12th February 2019
Taliva, Kamla Mills

For the youngsters, it was ‘Bollywood Dhamaka’, Ruchika Style.

Members were randomly divided into 5 groups under the supervision of 5 Directors.

Each group had to portray a different emotion like romantic, comic, melodramatic, tragic and horror. The Director had the entire responsibility of scripting, costumes, props and casting. When ‘LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION was called, each group had to bring out their emotion within 7-10 minutes.

Hema Kanoi and Sangeeta Goswami, both stage artists, were appointed as judges.

The meeting revealed the theatrical talent of our members, who seemed like pros on stage. The props and costumes were creatively done, and the scripts were enacted with ‘bindas’ confidence. Even the judges were astounded by the professionalism of the participants, with no prior practice or preparation!

Taliva served a well-deserved treat for all the hard work put in.

It was ‘Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment’ all the way!

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