Phoenix Towers Parking Lot, Lower Parel
18th/19th January 2020

“Having sight but no clear vision, is worse than being blind.
A clear vision gives us a feeling of confidence and personal power”

Ruchika’s EYE CAMP restored and corrected sight in the hundreds of needy, who knocked on our door.

For the past 12 years, the Club has joined hands with Queen City Rotary’s Mega Medical Camp, which has a record number of visitors from all walks of life.

Shop assistants from the Palladium, waiters from the surrounding restaurants, workers in the Turf Club, house helpers, daily-wage workers, taxi drivers and private chauffeurs – all came to get a free eye check and free spectacles as per their number given by the technician.

Their sight restored, they came beaming back to the Ruchika Office Stall, where members sat, to thank us for their renewed self-confidence. Bananas and Glucose Biscuit packets were kept on the table, for all who came.

The Club occupied 4 large kiosks in the Medical Camp, along with Dr Kulin Kothari’s medical mobile van with 3 technicians, who examine the patients for cataract. The Club pays for the cataract operations.

A total of 1500 patients were treated over 2 days. 1300 spectacles were distributed, and 44 patients were registered for cataract surgery in Dr Kulin Kothari’s Clinic.

An old couple came from Dombivilli, on the recommendation of their son. Holding each other’s hands, they walked around, stopping at the different medical facilities. They had their diabetes, blood pressure checked, teeth examined, acupressure done and of course got their reading and distance glasses after their eye check-up. It was virtually like a full day picnic for them! By evening before the sun set, they rushed to catch the train back, loaded with gifts of free medicine, spectacles and other free-bees they received. They happily took the bananas and biscuit packets from our table, to eat in the train on their way back.


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