“He used to cry because he had no shoes,
and then he met a man who had no feet”


The Club has been organizing annual Jaipur Foot Camps, since November 2011, with technical support from Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti who are experienced at crafting light weight artificial ‘Jaipur’ limbs. Their mobile van has an inbuilt workshop, where technicians fabricate the limb, according to individual size.

An active advertisement campaign in the slum & mill areas as well as railway stations, brings many unfortunates to our door. The Club also donates calipers, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and tricycles as per medical advice. Walking sticks and special shoes are also given.

Cases of diabetic amputation, victims of train accidents, polio patients and those with cerebral palsy (a condition where the motor areas of the brain are permanently affected, so the person is unable to walk), come for medical aid.
After examination they are measured by the technician, before the limb is fitted.
Patients are taught to balance, walk, and remove and put on the foot. Arrangements are made for their comfort and meals to spend the day at the camp.

The photos are proof of the different lives we touched and aided over the years.
Their smiles of gratitude are what we carry back home with us.
The Club organizes the camp at different venues in and outside Mumbai, to reach out to different people, especially in the interiors of the state.

The three days in the camp are an enriching experience, filled with mixed emotions. Sadness to see the plight of patients and their suffering, Admiration at their fortitude and courage, and sheer Joy to see them walk out proudly on their new limbs, their self-esteem restored for a better tomorrow.


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Jaipur Foot Camp