21st August 2018
Jade Banquets, Nehru Centre, Worli

It was Founders Day with a “Swing with a Bling” starting from 11.30 in the morning.The décor suited the theme, with tiny swings swaying from the roof and a large floral swing used as a photo booth for members to take home a memento. The lighting was a silvery glow in keeping with the theme, to offset the glitzy attires of the ladies dressed for the occasion.

Past Presidents were given a silver hair band as a token. Members got coloured bands and hair pins to match their clothes. Committee members applied glitter to the nails and everyone was sparkling with bling.

And then percussionist Rohin Puri took over. His skills to produce music out of any conceivable object is delightfully ingenious. From the flute, harmonica, Australian Didgeridoo, Afro-tribal drums, Spanish Cajon, pots and pans and other household paraphernalia – he pranced on stage from one instrument to the other, creating weird sounds and driving the women crazy with his beats. He jumped onto the floor, danced between the tables, making sure that no one remained seated. Young and old shook their booty to his tunes. Popular peppy tunes had women of all ages swinging away, and no one rushed to grab a plate, long after the food was served. Such was his spell!

In keeping with the occasion, it was a lavish spread. From Vrindavan ke jholwale aloo with bedmi puri, to spicy Lebanese, Moroccan tagine with couscous and Egyptian rice, it was a meal with sizzle and spice. The Umm-Ali (Egyptian bread pudding), Rabadi sprinkled with fruit and vanilla ice-cream with hot chocolate, cooled down the heated temperatures. A Rocking glitzy Founders Day indeed!

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