13th August 2019
Four Seasons, Worli

“Choton ka pyaar, Badon ke sanskar
Isi se bana hai apna Ruchika ka parivar”

Founder’s Day was a visual and sensual delight – titillating our 5 senses in accordance to the 5 universal elements. The Eyes (Sight) symbolized Fire, our Breath ( Smell) was Air, Skin or Touch was the Earth, Water was Taste when we ate nutricious food and Ether (Space) was Sound which could transport us into a deep trance.

Members wore shades of Blue (Jal), Yellow (Agni) White (Vayu), Green (Bhoomi) and Black (Shoonya – atmosphere) to match the mood. It as an ethereal experience!

Starters were circulated – Dal ki pakodi, peas & edamame tikkis, cheese maki rolls, fondue and tomato and pepper shorba in kullads.

The program started with a jugalbandhi of the tabla, santoor and flute. Peppy tunes like ‘Tere mere hoton se’, “Gori tera gaon bada payara, and ‘Dekha Ek Khwab’ had everyone humming and clapping to the music. The sound transported us into a musical trance.

Two of our C wing members, Aditi Mansingka and Neha Kedia did a fusion of Ballet (Ariel) and Kathak (Earth). One light as air, the other grounded and stomping the earth to the beat of the music.

Aditi Deshpande’s Malakhamb troupe were young girls, dressed in white. They scaled up the yards of red cloth dangling from overhead hooks and performed stunts that would put trapeze artists to shame! Acrobatics were shown on a ring dangling from above, in the middle of the hall. Light as air, svelte and supple, they performed flawlessly, with no safety nets below. It was awe inspiring, members gasping as they twisted, turned and somersaulted with graceful expertise. Lithe like feathers flying in the air, the young artistes got a round of standing applause for their Ariel show.

The Finale had the Founder and Board Members on stage. Members had painted their greetings for Ruchika’s birthday on a canvas on entry. The Portrait artists flipped the canvas over revealing the faces of the 4 Founders. A glowing tribute to their endeavor to build the club over its 48 years of existence.

Lunch was a lavish spread of mixed cuisines. Shakarkand and Alu-muttar chaat and Dahi Kachori chaat started the taste buds drooling. Spinach and ricotta Malfati, Asparagus Saffron Risotto, Chole Kulcha, Dum Alu, Stir Fried vegetables in garlic sauce, Veg Biryani with Raita and assorted rotis. Dessert was salted caramel Ice-cream, Gulkand kulfi, Dark chocolate Orange cake and Gud Badam Halwa. The last being sponsored by Kiran Arya for her daughter’s marriage.
A feast for royalty!

But Founder’s Day IS special and Past Presidents sported a mala made at Nayee Disha, as their memento of their long association wih the club.

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