Joint GATSBY Meeting
10th February 2020
The Grand Ball Room,
Taj Santacruz East

Scott Fitzgerland’s Great Gatsby was the era of Jazz in the Roaring 20’s. When Jay Gatsby struck it rich in bootlegging, the world was undergoing an enormous change. The rich threw opulent parties with jazz music, swinging sexy dances, bling, shimmering dresses, feathers and pearls.

Inspired by this, Ruchika Club A, B and C wing hosted a Gatsy themed party to celebrate Glamour, Style and Freedom of Women. The décor was befitting the 20’s, with golden balloons, dim lights and jazz music. Members came dressed in layered gowns, feathers and sparkle. A beautiful peacock ring with flowing feathered plumes in different hues, was given to each member when she signed the register. Ladies flashed their rings and head gear as they posed for selfies.

Chirag the Illusionist started the show. Picking three ladies randomly from the audience, he guessed the code with which they unlocked their mobiles. He played other mind games leaving the members, baffled with his skill. This was followed by the master of ballroom dancing, Sandip Soparrkar and his troupe. Several Ruchikas joined him on stage, as he taught them to move in rhythm and swing to the music. When Sandip himself danced with his partner, his grace and elegance was an inspiration to all those present. Devrath, the painter captured the moment on canvas, to record it in dance history. It was all truly inspirational!

The best dressed Gatsby Ruchika members were all given tokens of appreciation. Taj Santacruz lived up to its reputation of hospitality. Starting with Strawberry Lassi and Virgin Mojitos, followed by appetizers to tease the palette - Asparagus corn tartlets, Cottage Cheese patties, Spicy Quinoa Turnover and Jacket Potatoes. The live chat counters were always populated. Baby Spinach cannelloni, Zucchini Basil Fondue, Potato Roastie, Rice and many more dishes were served. Waiters scurried about, refiling the bowls of food. Dessert comprised of a variety of ice creams, chocolate mousse and baked rasogullas.

It was a meeting with the blend of nostalgia, of a bygone era and each member’s originality, to adorn herself to suit the theme. An event to remember, the members carried back their beautiful peacock rings, the bling and swing of the 20’s and the satisfaction that comes when bonding with family and friends.

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