“If your actions inspire others to Dream More, Learn More,
Do More, and Become More – You are a Born Leader”


Pushpa Kejariwal, Asha Jhunjhunwala, Sumitra Shroff and Sarita Shroff made Bombay their home after marriage. Eager to interact with other young ladies like themselves, they campaigned door to door, to recruit members into their circle. Their perseverance paid off. On the 24th of August 1972, the first meeting of Ruchika Club was held inside a flat. Beside the four Founders, there were seven other ladies. This grand total of eleven members was a matter of great pride. Dreams come true only when you pursue them!

Earlier meetings were held at each other’s homes. A cooking demo, a dance program, fashion parade done by the members’ themselves. High tea was laid out by their hostess, and it was a Ladies’ day out. Members came home enriched with the new skills they had learnt.

The Club was registered on 31st August 1974. Shortly afterwards, we obtained our 80G certificate for doing charity work, because philanthropy was always the backbone of the club.

The four Founders remain active in the club affairs. Asha Jhunjhunwala and Sarita Shroff supervise the monthly meetings, advising the three Presidents and their committee on the budgeting and organization. They are Advisors on the Bazaar Committee and Club’s charity projects.

Sumitra Shroff is the Club Treasurer and an active member of the Charity Committee. The first Jaipur Foot Camp in 2011 was organized under her supervision, as well as the Eyes and ENT camps, now an annual tradition.

Pushpa Kejriwal is the senior most. Gentle and soft-spoken, she is warm and welcoming but her indifferent health prevents her from participating actively.

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