12th January 2019,
Thackers Restaurant Lawns, Chowpatty

“Kites rise AGAINST the wind, not with it”

Pongal, Lori or Makar Sankranti are different names to celebrate the onset of Spring, after a long winter spell.

Ruchika Club celebrated this ‘TIL-GUD’ festival by inviting all the three wings, along with their entire families. There was a happy mix of husbands, children and grandchildren - depending on the age of the members. It was heartwarming to see the husbands of our Founders and some very senior members, welcomed to the celebration in true Ruchika style. Sheer nostalgia of the days when the men were as actively involved in Club matters, as their wives. The ladies escorted their men around – to admire the beautiful kite sculpture in the centre of the lawns, which was an eye-catching master piece, made by the Ruchikas themselves. A definite photo op for everyone to take selfies. The jute covered walls and the swaying palms gave the grounds the open spacious feel of the outdoors. Something which Bombayites pine to experience. And here we were, seated in the hub of this bustling city – with the feel of the countryside!!!

The Kite Decoration Workshop was very popular. The youngsters were given kites to decorate, with their moms hovering over them, Fevicol tube in hand along with other decorations. Happy laughter and exclamations of joy filled the air, as the kids created amazing artistry on the kites. A prize distribution towards the end, acknowledged their efforts, making them feel extra special.

Unfortunately, there was no wind that day, so the kite show from Ahmedabad could not be shown to the visitors. Which was really sad, but who can predict weather? The men were very understanding and focused their attention on the large spread of mouth-watering delights, plate in hand, taking their place in the queue.

Behdmi – Puri with Methi lungi, Paneer ka Chilla, Dahi Bhalla, Crisp Alu Tikkias, Thin Crust Pizzas, Ponk Chaat, Falafel Wraps – paneer and mixed veg, Khichiya Papad, Hare Matar, Sakarkand Tawa Chaat, Ganthia-Papadi with Papaya lachcha & green chillie garnish, Potato swirls with cheese sauce etc. etc. To wash it all down there was Ganna juice or hot kulhad ki masala Chai. The list is as long as the line at the food counter. Chocolate covered waffle sticks, jalebis & rabadi, stick kulfis in 4 flavours & fresh paan (made to order) with mouth fresheners and churan completed the meal. Digene tablets and churan packets should have been given as a parting gift! Everyone would need that after such a meal.

The wind picked up slightly and the patang-artist DID fly two-three of his ‘Shape’ kites, a doggy and a rocket but unfortunately, most of the crowd had gone home. So, it was just a smattering of Ruchikas who enjoyed the show, applauding heartily.

Everyone at the meet that evening, mutually agreed - it was a memorable way to celebrate Makar Sankranti – with a Kite Festival and all your loved ones around you!