‘A’ Wing
16th January 2020
Talli Turmeric, Atria Mall

‘A’ Wing celebrated “Rangeelo Rajasthan” with the members, attired in colourful bandhnis, bandhej and the famous rani pink of Jaipur city. They were welcomed into the venue to the sound of ‘Dhol’ an when seated, served salted Chaas or Aam Panna. Delicious starters like roasted Shakargand Chaat and hot Mung Dal pakodis followed.

It was folklore music from Marwar. Several members joined in the ghoomar with the audience clapping in tune. A few sang old Rajasthani songs or recited jokes which ha everyone in splits.

The Kathputli-wallas had brought their puppets, and the pretty dolls attired in ghaghras or dhoti and pagris enthralled the audience.

The finale was the authentic Rajasthani thali with all the typical favourites – Pachmela Dal, Batti, Churma, Gatta ka saag, Panchmela sabzi, alu ka bhartu, dahi pakodi, matar pulao and papad ki buji. Rabadi and crisp, hot Jalebis were the final sweet touch.

Each member carried home a box of Gur Gajak ordered from Indore – a sweet memento of the afternoon.


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‘B’ Wing
6th January 2020
Happy Thai, Atria Mall

Believing in the old saying ‘You are never too old to play Board Games’, ‘B’ wing had the event co-ordinator’s Gamisthan to organize the traditional quiz and tambola with a new modern twist.

Members were divided into 5 teams. Three games were played with a lot of noise, proof of their enjoyment. The rules allowed them to scream, fight, nudge and cheat – basically every ingredient to let out steam and have fun with their girlfriends.

Cleverly planned games like Tumbling Dice, Housie with a twist and the Crazy Quiz with riddles, were played amidst lots of laughter and girlish camaraderie.

All this energy HAD to be replenished with tasty starters served by the Happy Thai staff – Paneer Stay, Sushi of various types, Papaya Salad etc etc etc.

Mains included Penang Curry, Thai Chilli Lotus Root, Water Chestnuts in a delectable sauce served with noodles and burnt garlic rice. Chocolate Ice-cream and Cheesecake completed an exhilarating afternoon of food and fun with friends.

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‘C’ Wing – Treasure Hunt
10th January 2020
Fab India @ Kala Ghoda to Punjab Grill

‘C’ wing’s innovative ideas always make their meetings special!

Teams were formed on the wings WhatsApp group. Each group was given a dress code and the enthusiastic members dressed up as ‘Mumbai chi Mulgis’, ‘Dabbawallas’, ‘Mumbai Indians Cricketers’ and ‘Local Train Passengers’, ‘Bollywood Stars’, ‘Marathoners’ and just ‘Bumbai ki Taporis’.

After a sumptuous breakfast at Fab India, the youngsters started on foot in their various teams.

Folks on the streets of Kalaghoda stared wide-eyed at this strange assortment of pretty ladies dressed in their different attires. The Committee wore floppy black hats with black tees and denim or black skirts – each one looking very chic. The Dabbawallas, Cricketers, Taporis, were all appropriately dressed. It was a motley crowd of enthusiastic youngsters in fancy dress.

Each team ran helter-skelter collecting their clues - articles, pictures and videos required for winning.

After a tiring and hectic two hours of roaming the streets, the tired members assembled at Punjab Grill, to be marked and win their awards.

Then of course they dug into the sit-down lunch on offer, breakfast having been long digested.

The photos below tell the whole story, better than words.

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