‘A’ Wing did not have any meeting in July 2018

‘B’ Wing
July 2018
Talaiva, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel

Technology is an integral part of women's lives in this digital age and ladies must fend for themselves. The B wing invited the master herself - Vidushi Daga, the founder of "Clone Futura Education". She mesmerized the ladies with the different things they could do with their phones. It was about learning “How to be smarter than your smartphones”.

With the help of a screen and projector, Vidushi showed the members how to make Birthday Videos, WhatsApp Stories, share Live Location, use Google Translate, as well as the Boomerang App, and most importantly, the precautions of "Cyber Safety - How to keep themselves safe online”. It was an interesting and engrossing afternoon of technological skills, with so many members signing up for the personalized tuitions offered by her company.

Talaiva served some mouth water specialities - Aracini Balls, Paneer Basil Tikka, Mumbai Masala Cheese Tosties. The main course was equally satisfying to whet everyone's appetite. Chocolate Mousse & Kesar Firni added the sweet touch to the afternoon.

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‘C’ Wing
15th July 2018
Glocal Junction, Worli.

C wing started their year with a painting workshop.

The talented pair of artists, Sundeep and Smita Tantiya, led the Ruchikas step by step through the process. The couple hold many workshops for adults and children through the year. Each Ruchika member was given an easel, canvas, rug, water jug, paints, brushes and apron. A selection of starters and mocktails kept away their hunger pangs.

Sundeep guided the artists to start with the circular moon and then led them on to the purple and white cherry blossoms, to complete their painting. Committee Members and the Chief Guests moved between the tables, helping and aiding the members with a touch of the brush, here and there. Everyone was very thrilled by their results and proudly held up their canvas for the photographer. A fulfilling experience indeed, for first time as well as the seasoned painters. Lunch was served for the ‘starving’ artists. Soups, salads and a live wok and chaat counter, with many dishes in between, concluding with a lovely choice of desserts. An artistic afternoon of bonding through Art.

President Gunjan Sureka introduced her committee and gave away the 100% attendance prizes. An interesting workshop to kick-off the year.

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