‘A’ Wing
17th July 2019
‘Glocal’ Worli
Terrarium Workshop

For one so petite, Deepti Pitre of ‘The Breathing Art’ had a loud booming voice, as she conducted the workshop on making miniature gardens in small glass bowls. Each member was given a bowl, a bag with mix of big pebbles and small pebbles (for drainage) and compost and plain mud. Each got 5 types of small plants. Colored sand was used to create meadows in green and rivers in blue, bringing the terrarium alive, like a piece of art. Finally, small penguins, flamingoes, and bridges were added along with spotted beetles which were stuck on top of the bowl. It was a luxurious landscape indeed. Each member’s work was different, even though the ingredients were the same. Finally, a 50 ml bottle of water was sprinkled over the garden and the top was sealed off with cling. Terrariums work on the principle of evaporation in the water cycle. Droplets of water form on the cling and keep recycling to keep the soil moist. No daily watering or direct sunlight is required. This is the perfect solution for enhancing your home, without having to devote daily time and energy.

‘Glocal’ has great ambience. Interesting starters and chaat items were served, after which the members attacked the widespread buffet lunch. It was indeed an interesting workshop, where members carried home their terrariums, as a prized memento of their creativity.

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‘B’ Wing
11th July 2019
Starbucks, Horniman Circle

The B wings’ romance with coffee began right from registration. Coffee crumble cookies were given along with a Rs 300 voucher to redeem for any drink of their choice. It was a perfect day for a steaming cup of coffee, with grey cloudy hovering overhead.

Rubaina, the coffee master took them on an interesting journey from the coffee bean to the correct art of pouring steaming water over the coffee powder or the French Press, which is coarse seeds brewed in a machine. The difference between Expresso, Cappuccino and Americano were discussed. Games like Pong ball, Bean Straw game were played. The Starbucks team demonstrated Coffee Art which was very interesting.

Members enjoyed the signature Starbucks rolls and puffs, salads cookies and of course the coffee and Tiramisu. Everyone carried home a Starbucks mug and a broad smile, the taste and memory lingering on. It is truly said, the PERFECT BLEND is a good cup of coffee in the company of a good friend. You never want either to ever end.

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‘C’ Wing
16th July 2019
Ostaad, Kamla Mills

It was a bright day with just a faint trace of rain. Committee Members scrambled about setting up each table with all the props required – dryers, newspapers, extension cords along with the kit which was hand over at the registration desk.

The workshop was conducted by Asha Vasudevan Dalvi, who has may feathers in her cap - including a chic and effortless style which she has used in her company Stitch Inc.

She is a qualified Fashion designer with specialization in Textiles & has been working in the industry for nearly 2 decades. With a strong hold in fashion, she has written comprehensive columns on Fashion for the Indian Express group's Loksatta & DNA newspapers.

TYE & DYE is a very individualized art form. Members’ made scarves with their personal imprint of creativity. Once Asha showed them the process, the results were startlingly different. It was a fun event with everyone attentive to the process of folding, tying, dying, drying, cutting, unfolding and then posing with their own scarves.

At the end, members happily danced around with their individual piece of artistry – thrilled at the beautiful results. The photos are proof of the great time that the members had.

Lunch was a reward for the hard work they did at the workshop!

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