‘A’ Wing
6th June 2018
‘The Imperial Club by Taj’, Imperial Heights.

‘A’ wing started their year with an impressive speaker – Mr. N.P. Sinha, Chief Commissioner Income Tax, who specialized in handling search and seizure, commonly known as a ‘Raid’.

Mr. Sinha was a good orator. With the help of audio-visual slides, he gave an insight as to HOW and WHY and WHEN, there is a need of conducting a raid. Quoting examples from real life, he explained what difficulties the raid team went through. As he was addressing a lady’s group, he advised the women to be cooperative when their team arrived and keep the valuation report handy with them, for the safety of their jewelry. He ended his talk with a 10 minutes video, where a clear message was given: “I SUPPORT OPERATION ‘CLEAN MONEY’” His talk and video were an eye opener for the audience, who had many queries which he patiently answered.

The lunch afterwards was enjoyed by all the members, who exchanged notes about their holidays, and caught up with each other. Manju Gupta was the new incoming President. She introduced her team to all the members.

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‘B’ Wing
7th June 2018
"Glocal Junction", Worli.

A well-groomed lady is a pleasure to interact with, because Grooming is the real secret behind elegance. Speaker Mrs. Nawaz Modi Singhania spoke about personality development and the anti-ageing process through proper grooming.

Nawaz is India's leading Fitness and Wellness icon and the founder of "Body Art Fitness” centers in South Mumbai. She showed the members how to keep fit and turn back the aging lines, with a few facial exercises. She stressed on the need for a regular exercise regime and leading a healthy lifestyle, something we generally tend to neglect, which has an adverse effect on our health in the long run. Both diet and exercise were necessary for a healthy life in the years to come. There were several queries from the audience, which she answered.

The vast spread of buffet with live counters, was appreciated by the members. They forgot Navaz’s warnings and indulged in the array of desserts on offer. President Vibha Barmecha introduced her committee and welcomed the applicant members.

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‘C’ Wing
5th June 2018
XXO Club, St Regis

C Wing invited speaker Ms Ruchi Parekh, a former lawyer by profession who changed her career to becoming a Life Coach. A Life coach is not a therapist, but someone who helps you find fulfilment, success and happiness. Life coaching is an opportunity to focus on you, your dreams and aspirations to carve the space for your goals.

She emphasized on the importance of keep a daily journal and recording 3 experiences of gratitude or pain that you experienced through the day and reading that again next morning. It helped to vent negative emotions and have a positive attitude in life. It also gave clarity of thought and strengthened memory. She made the members write and “share their story” and then read it out aloud to the group. It was a cathartic experience of purging and cleansing yourself.

The vote of thanks was given by Arti Agarwal, after which the members enjoyed a scrumptious Chinese/Thai meal, ending with delicious mango souffle and eclairs. Everyone went home thinking about the positive changes they would make to give more meaning to their life.

President Gunjan Sureka introduced her committee and gave away the 100% attendance prizes. An interesting workshop to kick-off the year.

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