‘A’ Wing
3rd June 2019
Lodha World One, Lower Parel

‘A’ Wing started the year with a talk on healthy eating. “The cure for most ailments can be found in our kitchen” said Charmaine D’Souza, a leading Health & Nutritional expert. With the help of an Audio Visual, she shared some interesting tips on diets to suit our age and ailments. There were different solutions for different problems: like Diabetes, Thyroid, Calcium, Depression, Hair & Skin. More than a hundred members listened attentively and took notes in the small notepad provided. Recipes were given to bring down diabetes, cleansing the liver and even curing depression.

Chanda Jiwrajka, the new incoming President, introduced her team to the members. The meeting was followed by lunch, with members exchanging notes of their holidays.

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‘B’ Wing
6th June 2019
World One Tower - Lower Parel

The ‘B’ wing had a Hindi story telling session enacted by a group called Jashn-E-Qalam. Mumbai-based, the troupe has professional Stage & Screen Actors, who celebrate the beauty & brilliance of Hindustani Literature with Solo Performances of the Short Stories, without sets or props. Theatre in its simplest and purest form! Special mention to Madhurjeet Sarghi, who enacted “Lambi Ladki” with such intensity, that the audience experienced her the varied emotions. Vicky Ahuja’s play “Bade Bhaisahab” by Premchand was a laugh riot, changing the intense mood.

Starters and drinks were served before the play started.
All Stir Fry provided the cuisine where members could choose their vegetables and sauces, according to taste. Dessert was a live counter of cold stone ice cream, with fresh fruits and toppings rolled to liking.
Founder Asha Jhunjhunwala‘s birthday was celebrated with cake and flowers.
Suman Gupta, the incoming president, introduced her committee and welcomed the new members inducted from ‘C’ Wing.

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‘C’ Wing
4th June 2019
Mustard, Atria Mall

Dr Zirak Marker, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and CEO & Medical Director of ‘Mpower’ and The Birla Integrated School, was invited to address the young mothers of ‘C’ wing. His talk dealt on not just being ‘responsible’ parents but ‘trusted’ parents in whom your child can confide his deepest secrets, to be guided along the right path. Specially in today’s world of drugs and deprivation! His book ‘Parenting in The Age of Anxiety’ is a must read for parents. The art of saying ‘NO’ to children tactfully was also discussed. The members had a myriad question which he answered attentively, solving each query with patience. THAT is his job – listening and giving workable solutions – which he performed to perfection!

The Founders, Co-Ordinators, Advisors and Committee Members of the senior wings attended this extremely interesting meeting with the counselor, shooting questions of their own. Problems crop up at every stage of our life – knowing how to handle it correctly is the trick! The new incoming President Supriya Agarwal introduced her team. Everyone relished the Bengali cuisine that Mustard is famous for.

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