‘A’ Wing
Face Yoga
13th November 2018
Glocal, Worli

‘A’ Wing invited Ms. Asha Bachanni, a leading Aesthetic Consultant, as their speaker. The topic was apt, “How to reverse the ageing process?” “Your face is no exception “, she said. Just as physical exercise helps to keep the body firm and toned, facial exercises help to keep the facial muscles looking their best. She had designed a facial muscle exercise program, if done regularly can take years off the face, giving it a well-toned, sculpted appearance.

The women participated in the exercise program with great enthusiasm under the expert instructions by Ms. Bachanni. Her aim was to make them realize that fitness is not limited till the shoulders, but also above it.

Glocal offered sumptuous starters and the members were treated to a widespread buffet lunch after the demo.

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‘B’ Wing
15th November 2018
Flyp Café, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel

To further enhance their homes, B wing learnt about terrarium gardening in glass bowls. Everyone was given a glass bowl and a gardening kit with soil and plants. Mrs. Manju Gupta, a horticultural expert, guided them how to lay their mini tabletop gardens aesthetically. First lining the bowl with small pebbles, a net for drainage and then some coir husk fiber soil. An assortment of different plants was given to each lady. Decorative toys like fences, small colourful birds or little houses were put in the soil. Members laid their mini gardens artistically, each terrarium different from the other.

Everyone was completely engrossed in this task, some attempting gardening for the first time. The Flyp Café has great ambience and some very interesting starters, were served as they worked. Tandori Momos, chilly paneer and dahi kebabs were served, while the ladies concentrated on following the instructions given by Mrs Gupta. Later lunch was laid out - Hakka Noodles, vegetables in bean sauce and chola kulcha ending with honey noodles and ice-cream.

The happy ladies carried back their mini terrarium gardens as a memory of what they had created. An interesting workshop with excellent attendance.

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‘C’ Wing
November 2018
Della Resorts, Lonavala

Singing songs, playing games and munching on breakfast snacks, three dozen C-wingers set off in the bus to Lonavala. It was Bombay’s winter and the ideal month for a picnic at Della Resorts Adventure Park.

The park offered lots of entertainment for the members. Some of them opted for ‘paint ball’ and dressed in military fatigues, they fired their opponents with blobs of colour. Others took on the true military training, walking across rope brides, climbing fences and crawling through pipes. There was dog walking, horse riding and rifle shooting all of which were tried turn by turn.

Al this worked up their appetite, and they enjoyed the lunch served in the park. By 4.00 pm a tired but happy group headed back home, after tea and refreshments, carrying the after taste of butter cookies and Kolkata muri. Bombay’s staple diet of vada pav and kanda bhajiya was served on the way back, along with lots of chatter and bonding. This group certainly lives up to the motto of the club – ‘leaving the fragrance of friendship’ wherever they go!

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