JOINT MOVIE MEETING (different theatres & shows)
‘BALA’ with Ayushman Khurana
8th November 2019 @ PVR & Metro Insignia theatres

All the three wings had a gala time watching the movie ‘BALA’ with their friends. Theatre lobbies was bustling with Ruchika’s signing registers, collecting tickets and sinking into the luxurious seats at PVR’s Insignia theatres.

The movie starring Aayushman Khurana, Bhumi Pednekar and Yami Gautam conveys a social message. Your physical blemishes do not matter. It is the goodness in your heart that makes you truly beautiful. When the hero starts losing his hair, he gets bullied and mocked. His baldness leads to cruel taunts and he loses his job. This has a serious effect on his self-confidence. Women too scorn and laugh at him. It is ‘Latika’ (Bhumi Pednekar) a dark-skinned lawyer who teaches him to remain content with whatever he has been blessed, instead of cursing his destiny. Then only can one be content.

The different remedies that Aayushman tries to restore his lost pride of hair, is very entertaining, eliciting peals of laughter from the audience.

In usual manner, Ruchika pampered the members with an overdose of food, with a special Ekadashi meal for those who were fasting and the Jain option. Popcorn, smoothie and bhel were starters. Samosa, paneer roll, pulao, nachos and masala coke were the lunch. The Committee was on their toes, coping with the different choices on offer.

A good film and a morning of pampering - Ruchika style.

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