“Meetings are a place for learning something new,
bonding with friends and discovering our inner potential”


The Woman of today is erudite, enterprising and well-travelled.
Keeping this in mind, the Club offers a wide variety of programs to satisfy every palate. Talks are conducted on health, beauty, spirituality, etiquette, and a wide spectrum of topics. Speakers of repute are invited to address the members.

Festivals are celebrated in traditional ethnic style, be it Holi or Diwali. Speaker meets, Fashion shows, Treasure Hunt, Car Rallies and Picnics are part of the agenda. The list is endless, with fresh new ideas injected every year. Computer skills and use of the new mobile apps are shown in an audio-visual meet, to keep the members technologically savvy. Spirituality and meditation are another favorite.

The year starts from June and ends in March/April with the AGM.
Meetings for the ‘A’ ‘B’ & ‘C’ wings are held on different days, so members can attend another wings meeting, if it is a topic is of interest.
There are FIVE Joint meetings in a year – Holi and Diwali, Ruchika Fest Exhibition, Founders Day and the AGM meet. This ensures bonding among the different wings.
Meetings are held at a popular restaurant, hotel, lounge bar or club hall.

Working on the Committee is a great learning experience in team work, public speaking, money management, and character building.

Each wing has its own WhatsApp group on which meeting notices are posted and RSVP’s can be given.
Every meeting is a happy union of friends, leaving a warm memory of fellowship and bonding.

Our Meetings