Every institution prides itself when it has its own premises, with their nameplate outside the door.

Ruchika Club’s dream office materialized in 2003, when they purchased flat in Shilp, Lower Parel. The flat was renovated into two large rooms, separated by a sliding door, which opened up to eat 50 people.

It was the perfect place for Committee meetings, Joint Committee meetings, Board meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Screenings and bookings for the Ruchika Exhibition were done here, when there is a steady flow of traffic.

The pantry has all the basic equipment, for heating and serving food.

The wall mounted LED TV is used for Audio Visual presentations. The computer in the office, manned by a clerk, is for official use.

We also bought a gala in Lower Parel’s Shah & Nahar Estate, to run our vocational centre, Nayee Disha, a project to empower women with livelihood skills. This has a mezzanine floor where classes are conducted simultaneously.


Our Office