Samparc Balgram, Bhaje
1st February 2020

Ruchika Club presented the children at Samparc Balram, with 10 brand new HP desktop computers. The gift was well appreciated and being the latest version, programmed with all the latest apps suitable for the children - they took to it, like a fish to water!

On our visit to Bhaje for the Medical Camps we were taken to inaugurate the spanking new Computer Lab. Though the machines were set up, the “light finishing touches were yet to be given - because there were no tube lights fixed in the room.

The girls gathered outside to welcome all of us, the haldi-kumkum thali ready for the inauguration & a welcome board pasted on the door with “Thank You Ruchika Club”. It was very touching.

On a command by their teacher “Open your files”, the tiny tots opened their Paint box files and started coloring the graphics, with bizarre imagination. There was total concentration and pin drop silence, as they became engrossed in their task.

The seniors were next and then another lot.

We did a recee of the Balgram for the benefit of the first timers in Ruchika and visited their houses. There are 10 girls living in one house, on bunk style double beds, with their ‘Mother’ or ‘Ayee’ as they call her in Marathi. The place was sparkling clean. Each child had a small cupboard space, to keep her possessions.

They proudly showed us around, posing for us, studying on their beds, because tests and exams are a perennial part of their educational curriculum.

We peeped in again Into the Computer Lab and saw the Seniors being taught by their teacher.

Finally, after lots of hugs and promises to visit them again soon, we returned to the Medical Camps, a short distance away.

It was a very fulfilling visit, and a feel-good experience, knowing that we were empowering the children.

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