‘A’ Wing
“Dancing With Divinity”,
10th September 2018
Lodha World One, Ball Room, Lower Parel

It was a sunny September afternoon when the enthusiastic members, gathered at the Ball Room dressed in colourful flowing dresses, all geared up to dance on the tunes of the dance therapist, Ms. Leena Gupta.

‘Are you ready for the experience of the life time?’ she asked as she invited all the ladies to the floor, without their shoes.

The Music started, and the members emulated her dance moves. The soulful music and the movements transported us into a trance. The choice of songs was apt. The music changed from ‘Instrumental’ to ‘Arabic’ to ‘Toote bajooband’ to ‘Sawar loo’ to ‘Shola jo bhadke and finally to ‘Achyutam Keshavam’.

It was a journey to another world, as the members swayed with the sound, eyes closed, looking deep within. From ‘With Out’ to ‘With In’, each one touched some core of her soul, almost like touching Divinity. Every lady, whatever her age, whatever her ailments, dropped her inhibitions to be a part of this sublime exercise.

Hi-Tea was a joy – Chaat of different kinds, some Chinese snacks and lovely cool ice-cream to wind up on a hot sunny afternoon.

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‘B’ Wing
28th September 2018
Inox, Atria Mall, Worli

‘B’ wing spent a relaxed Friday morning at Inox Insignia, watching ‘SUI DHAGA’ starring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma. Three screens had been booked to accommodate the 106 members present. Food is always a big part of the agenda. Tal Makhana, Paneer Rolls, Biryani with curd, khajur sweets and to wash it down there was fresh lime soda, tea or coffee.

Directed by Sharat Khatariya, it is a family film with the moral ‘Behind every successful man, there is a strong and caring woman’. Seeing her husband mocked and ridiculed by his employer, she pleads with him to start his own garment business. Of course, luck favours them, and Varun soon becomes a designer of repute. It was a time pass film.

The fun was in being together at the morning show and enjoying the food and the humorous commentary of friends around you.

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‘C’ Wing
September 2018
SMAAASH – Shiv Fit, Kamala Mills
Aerial Silk Yoga

The daring ‘C’ wing took to flying with aerial Silk Yoga. This is a lot like Rope Mallakhambh, where you do the postures suspended in the air, holding on for dear life to silk material suspended from hooks.

Aditi Deshpande is a gold medal winner and the founder of Flying High Aerial Art. She is a trained gymnast and professional Mallakhamb performer. Her inspiration was the expertise of her father Uday Vishwanath Deshpande. Aditi inherited his passion and trained in San Francisco to evolve as an Aerial Silk Instructor. ‘This style is more sophisticated than Mallakhamb, with added grace and finesse. It’s a full body workout which gives you flexibility, agility and stamina’ says Aditi.

Just a handful of members went to Shiv Fit. The rest went to SMAAASSH to play games which was the safer option to breaking bones. Lunch was at Verbena, where the hungry members attacked the food with gusto.

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