‘A’ Wing
25th September 2019
Imperial Towers Banquets, Tardeo
‘Festive Flower Arrangements’

With Dushera and Diwali and all the forthcoming festivities round the corner, ‘A’ wing conducted a Flower Arrangement demo for its members.

Our Chief Guest was Renu Saraf, who is a Grand Master of Ikebana, with a degree from Japan and a competent teacher of the Sogetsu School. She was aided by her sister.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon, as Renu enthralled the audience with simple yet elegant arrangements with flowers from the Dadar flower market, giving us the local names of the flowers, to buy and make at home. The members ‘oohed & aahed’ as the results were put on display. It was a very positive reaction from all present.

These enhanced table décors could light up the homes and the dining table to welcome Diwali, with battery-lit Diyas, to add the right touch to welcome the festival. Members kept mobiles handy to click the results and some video- recorded the entire process.

The hi-tea served was equally enjoyable. Pani-Puri was an all-time favourite. The lavish spread of pav-baji, paneer rolls, pizza, Dahi Kachori Sev-Puri, Spring Rolls, baked Gulab Jamuns and ice-cream to wind up the event.

The Nayee Disha counter of malas made at our vocational centre was heavily populated by the members, who bought the beautiful neck pieces to enhance their own personal.

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‘B’ Wing
11th September 2019
Barannas, Atria Mall
‘Shibori Tie & Dye Workshop’

Kanoko shibori is commonly known as Tie & Dye. It involves binding certain sections of the cloth to achieve the desired pattern. Traditional Shibori requires the use of thread for binding. The pattern achieved depends on how tightly the cloth is bound and where the cloth is bound. If the cloth is first folded then bound, the resulting designs will be in a pattern of the fold used.

Conducted by the accomplished Asha Dalvi Vasudevan, this workshop was designed to allow the women to discover the artists within them. Shibori dye is used on saris, dupattas scarves and many other things. Putting forward their best artistic self, each member was given a kit with all the necessary equipment. Everyone was fully immersed in creating their personal hand- crafted piece of this Japanese art. Members wore their plastic coats because it was a messy affair with dyes, fabric thread bound together with lot of laughter. A wide variety of mocktails and starters was periodically served, to keep the energy flowing. The chatty afternoon ended when the ladies unraveled their masterpieces, each one so different from the other. Mobiles went berserk clicking selfies of each piece of art, held up by her creator.

All the hard work was rewarded by the sumptuous spread served afterwards. Pav Bhaji, Pasta, Thai Curry and rice, Paneer and roti with Phirni and Brownie-ice-creams to end the meal.

The Nayee Disha team was there to show the ‘B’ wing their innovative creations, and members crowded around their table to pick up a unique neck piece for use. All the items on display were appreciated and some members were genuinely surprised at the lovely things created at our vocational centre.

A fruitful meet learning a new art – an artistic affair of self-expression and uniqueness, along with fellowship and bonding with friends, to make it a satisfying afternoon.

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‘C’ Wing
17th September 2019
Tulli Tumeric, Atria Mall
‘Rangilo is my Rajasthan’

Rangilo is my Rajasthan and equally Rangili is my Ruchika Sakhi.

The beauties of ‘C wing wore their vibrant, colorful ghaghras and borlas with matching jadau jewelry, to recreate the wonders of our beautiful Rajasthan, where most of us have our roots.

To ensure there was whole hearted participation, teams were formed to play games like matka balancing, chaila, storytelling in marwadi, guessing muhavaras and making puppets to show their diverse creativity.

A lot of photo and selfie ops were provided with props like – pagdis, cycle, bandhej umbrellas Rajasthani frames which members recorded on their mobile memory.

No ‘C’ wing meeting can be complete without song and dance. The ‘ghoomar’ was performed to Mame Khan’s popular numbers like ‘ Kesariya Balam’ an ‘Chaudhary’, with members swaying to ‘Thaari shararat sab jaanu mein’ A traditional sit-down Rajasthani thali with all the typical favourites lik dal-batti-choorma, gate ka saag, panchmele ki hari sabzi, alu dum, missi roti, kanji bada and hot jalebis with rabadi.

A satisfying meet, connecting us to our culture, with colour, song, dance and everything Marwadi.

The Nayee Disha malas on display were appreciated an bought by the members.

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